Russian fans were released thousands of balloons

Fans celebrated Michael Jackson’s birthday in Moscow.
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The man who was destined to become an American singing legend was born Aug 29, 1958. Now the name of Michael Joseph Jackson of course is well known all over the world. Even if you think you don't know a single song - you definitely heard at least a piece of his unique lifestory. His path from the part of Jackson 5 family band to the King of Pop was harsh but at the end he had got 450 million records sold, 15 Grammys and international fame.

On June 25, 2009, the singer died of acute medical drugintoxication at his home in LA. Six years ago the world lost a musical legend but his name will always be remembered and remain in the history of 20th century musical culture. Today it would have been his 57th Birthday and a lot of celebrations took place in Moscow to mark the occasion.

There is a beautiful tradition to float balloons nearby the American embassy in Moscow in Jackson's honor.

"We want to show the world that love lives forever. The balloons with the words of gratitude and love to the man who filled millions of lives with light, taught them to see beauty in this world, gave them so much happiness and inspiration, float skyward every year.

This is our mission - to remind the world of his message. The artist is alive as long as at least one fan of his is alive. That's why Michael lives on in our hearts, he's immortal," his Russian fans wrote on a social network.

Anyone can buy a balloon and join the show, and all the proceeds will be used for the creation of a Michael Jackson memorial in Moscow.

Also fans could enjoy watching MJ' s old videos during all the night at a Moscow cafe called Territoria Obschenia. The Russian fanclub, INVINCIBLE, is having a big party at the ALIBI night club including a big show, dancers and singers. Another MJ tribute will take place at the VINYL art-center where visitors could watch some movie scenes, music videos as well as interview clips with their favorite artist.

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